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We define ourselves as a new-age audio and music company because we are a studio that creates audio-visual works and performances using creative and innovative technological developments.


In the coming years, we see many opportunities in alternative music production

techniques and software development for new media arts to be an innovative company.

Tilde Studio has been established in 2021. Shortly we became the leading music production company for new media arts and now operate in our Europe headquarters to provide creative services globally.

Based on the audience response we got from our international works, we believe we are

ready to expand global company. We have attracted recognized ad agencies and visual studios that are interested on us to be their sonic solution partner.

Our team of experienced composers, sound designers, audio engineers, mixers and programmers knows all facets of the music technology, and can assist in the planning and installation of project to your entitlements. 

Mehmet Ünal

Music Producer | Head Composer

Mehmet Unal is an Istanbul based Composer, Sound Artist and Software Developer.

Coming from a strong music background, Ünal is fascinated by the beauty of technical objects, and developing his own instruments and algorithms is an integral part of his creative process.

Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts

BA Electro-Acoustic Composition

Bahçeşehir University

MA Audio and Music Technologies

Specialties: Experience Design, , Stage Design, Sound Design, Recording Technologies, Music
Buisness, Mixing , PA, Sound Engineering, Experimental Improvisation 


İstanbul Bilgi University

BA Sound Design and Recording Technologies


İstanbul Technical University

MA Sound Engineering & Design


Digital growth consultant focusing on digital experiences and new media technologies. Executing multimedia projects utilizing the latest data-driven technologies in the creative process.


University of Exeter

BA Management & Marketing

Berklee College of Music

MA Music Production, Technology and Innovation


Alican Okan

Kerem Demirayak

Creative Director | Music Producer

Studio Director | Lead Producer



Music Composition / Sound Design / Audio Programming / Web Audio / Audio-Visual Performances




- Google

- Nike


- Netflix

- League of Legends

- L'Oréal


- Arçelik

- Beko

- Vodafone


Cihangir Aslan

Composer | Sound Designer | Artist

Istanbul-based electronic music artist Cihangir Aslan,  performed in 2018 at Sonar Istanbul as an audiovisual performance.


He gives a Live performance in Electronica / Downtempo style, combining electronic music compositions with ethnic tunes.


His further work was inspired by experimental, minimal and ethnic tunes. He then combined these works with audio - visual performances for a physical performance experience.

Audio designer who always seek some new perspectives for sound implementation. Proficent level knowledge in DAW and audio processing plug-ins. Mehmet has deep experience in field recording, foley and music production.

Istanbul Technical University

BA Music Technology

Istanbul-based sonic artist and researcher with a business management, music technology and interactive programming background.

Managing internal/external studio processes and enables the production of assets. Research and development for the digital growth and multimedia projects.

Marmara University
BA Business Administration

Istanbul Technical University
MA Sonic Arts (MIAM)


Mehmet Çolak

Barış Kıratlı

Technical Audio Designer

Project Manager

Enes Toprak


Software developer.
Developed applications for different platforms like SmartTV, Android, IOS, Web and VR.
Also interested in Web3 technologies.

Musical data researcher in various fields.


Computational data analysis.

Process and algorithm development
Prototyping applications for end-user 

Boğaziçi University

BA Computer Engineering

Bahçeşehir University

MA Audio Technologies

Istanbul Technical University

PhD Music Technology


Burak Uyar

Cloud and Server Programming

Riccardo Sellan

Composer | Programmer | Artist

Riccardo Sellan studied Electronic Music at the Conservatoire “B. Marcello” of Venice. He is a founding member of the cultural organization Venice Electroacoustic Rendez-Vous (VER-V) which, since 2017, represents a network of composers and musicians interested in investigating new models of artistic production and experimentation. Currently, in addition to teaching workshops focused on sound design in collaboration with various institutions, he focuses his activity on the development of audio software and electroacoustic systems in the artistic and research fields.

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