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Original Music & Sound Design


Togg, Arçelik, Beko, L'Oréal, 

League of Legends, Google

Clients Include



We reflect the new aesthetic approaches we have gained from the experience from years of research and development in audio technology and media studies.

Creative Media Works

We operate in the intersection of audio, emerging technologies, advertising and art. By combining craftsmanship with strategic thinking and technology know-how we help our clients leverage the power music and sound has to evoke emotions, master attention and create long lasting memories.

In addition to the production of music on film, there are lots of projects and agencies prefer to have a musical production before the visual content creation. Therefore we also are able to

create a art direction of the show in a sonic scale to inspire the creation of the visuals.

Kristal Elma

The Berlin International Film Festival

Reddot Design 

Selected Media Awards


Selected Works

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