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Audio-Visual Exploration of Internet of Musical Things (IoMUST)


IBM, Nike, 1E9, Artblocks


Unique Research & Development Projects


Powered by IBM Cloud™; the project aimed to create the new aesthetics of “connectedness” using multimedia and immersive experiences that offer the interconnected world of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Internet of Musical Things (IoMust) represents a coalescence of objects that share a collective “connectedness” in natural and human-made worlds.


In 2019, we were approached by Nike to create various new media installations involving the NIKE AIR MAX 720.After an internal r&d phase, my suggestion was to turn the shoe into a playable instrument via sensors and movement algorithms. This became one part of the various installations which took place in Nike Stores around Istanbul.

Our Softwares. Just for Ableton.

We create our own music software and looking for new and innovative techniques for new media in our Lab. This is a collection of MaxForLive devices, that can be used with MaxForLive / Live Suite . 


We are excited to introduce TILDE the new generation of meta instruments and musical experiences in the Web3.0 and Metaverse

These instruments will embody various technologies and capabilities in multiple xr mediums. We are aiming to build an interactive and blockchain integrated instrument you could own and played by hundreds of people simultaneously via 5gtechnology.

We hope to build this project with the support of XRhub Bavaria and had the chance to showcase it with 1e9_community in Deutsches Museum Munich.

Algo(Beats) is an on-chain musical NFT project exploring the rhythms and sounds. 


We think they have the potential be a tool for music projects which can live in blockchain forever. This is an approach for generative on-chain music.


An automated rhythm generator in blockchain which tries to find the rhythms and patterns that humans didn't notice yet. 


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